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The month at St Mary's Priory, Abergavenny



The Chapel currently known as the Herbert Chapel will be renamed the St Benedict Chapel at a Ceremony on May 7th.

St Benedict, The Patron Saint of Europe, is the author of the Rule that the monks previously resident at the Priory, and the Holywell Community currently follows.

The ceremony will include the blessing of an Icon of St Benedict written by Br Michael, a monk at the Anglican Benedictine Monastery at Mucknell.

Br Michael, The Abbot and other Monks will hold a Question and Answer Session during the afternoon of May 7th about life under the Rule of St Benedict.

Do join us for the Q&A at 4.30pm and Vespers at 5.30pm





THE Welsh Centre of Excellence hosts Scrabble, mostly throught the medium of Welsh each Thursday afternoon from 2.30pm - 4.30m in the Tithe Barn.

Croeso i  bawb!





MU Deanery Festival & Diocesan Spring Council

We will host the Mother's Union Abergavenny Deanery Festival on April 19th and the Diocesan Spring Council on April 27th.








Ascension Day

The Ascenion Day Holy Eucharist is on Thursday May 10th  in the Vicarge grounds at 6.30pm for the Abergavenny Pastoral District.







Nikolsy Ensemble

The Nikolski Ensamble in Concert on Thursday April 19th at 7pm as part of their UK tour

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